• Pet Products, Materials and Accessories Suppliers & Veterinary Medicine Exhibition
  • 6-9 October 2022
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All the details on the pet world will be present at Pet Show events

Pet Show will present events that pet owners, veterinarians, shelter executives, and anyone to get into the pet industry will listen and watch with utmost interest through seminars and applied training where specialized domestic and international speakers will explain every detail about the pet world.
• Tips on Training Cats & Dogs
• Presentation of Cat and Dog Breeds
• Importance of Owning A Pet in Child Development
• Meeting Children with Animals
• Types, Features, and Cares of Birds
• New Trends in Pet Fashion
• Information on Exotic Animal Veterinary
• Feeding Exotic Pet Animals
• Introduction to the Pet Industry
• Cat – Dog Shows
• Shows on Security, Guard, and Search Dogs
• Applied Trainings for Pets
• Pet Health
• Tips on Travelling with Pets
• Pet Pageants
• Future of the Pet Industry
• Q&A for Pet Accessories
• Problems and Solutions of Shelters
• Latest Developments in Veterinary
• Pet Care and Choosing Food
• Food Types and Features of Pet Food